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Read Spartan6LX DNA Serial Number

Spartan6 Contain DNA logic — DNA_PORT, We can let this as random seed:) This is 57bits numbers. DNA_PORT DNA_PORT_inst(   .DOUT(dna_dout),   .CLK(dna_clk),   .DIN(1’b0),   .READ(dna_read),   .SHIFT(dna_shift) ); DNA_PORT is act as SPI Slave, capture at raise edge, … Continue reading

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Bug in data2mem…

I using data2mem to replace data in BlockRAM, It confused me when I try to replace BlockRAM data in Spartan6 Devices. There are correct in BRAM16 with 8bits and 16bits, only error BRAM18 with 18bits. Update: bug exist in ISE … Continue reading

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