| lightpython

An simplest python implement, which aim as lua which primary target is embedded with c odes.

| Microblaze-spifl
When your FPGA have DDR2/DDR3 RAM, everything is ok.
But when you have FPGA without extern RAM,
Makebe performance is not the critical issue, so SPI Flash is suitable.

Implement an microblaze peripheral spifl, which communicate with W25Q64FV.
This is similar with CC3200 or ESP8266 which SoC need extern SPI Flash as ROM.

* BlockRAM: .data, .bss
* SPI Flash: .text, .ro
* publish to Github

– Building microblaze toolchians [DONE]
– Using custom build gcc with microblaze_MCS [DONE]
– Create a custom peripheral reading external SPI Flash [DONE]
– Reimplement as LMB device *TODO*

| gpjtag [DONE]

Current gpjtag adapter is based on fpga, next gen will based on STM32F103/STM32F405,
this will save BOM, and make the adapter smaller.

* Implement usb-cdc (modify from STM32Cube generated demo)
* Using libusb (current usbser.sys is buggy, sometime BSOD)
* Moving all vendor depend action to driver, not firmware.
* publish to Github (