Google Chrome freezing and beep

I upgraded Chrome from 43 to 46 on PC. When open new page, it freezing for 3-5 seconds randomly, sound ‘beep’, then normal…

But Chrome 26 to 46 at Thinkpad x200 work fine, no freeze happend! Maybe hardware problem or driver mismatch.

I ask Google for a long time (3 days:), found this post

They said Realtek HD Audio Driver have some bug, will let chrome crash, need to install newest driver. My PC have Relatek HD Audio, x200 is Conexant CX20561, so I download newest Realtek driver. After I install the newest R2.71 driver, freezing happen less, but still happen……

So I try this:

1. Uninstall Google PinYin Input.

2. goto chrome://flags/#try-supported-channel-layouts

“Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the default hardware layout are available.”


Then it will look like:

3. goto chrome://settings/

Uncheck “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly”.

Uncheck “Using Hardware Acceleration when available”.

And freezing gone:)

Intel Core i3-5010U, Samsung 850 EVO, Gigabyte Motherboard, 8G LPDDR3.

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