About xilinx fpga bit, prom mcs, spi mcs.

Most of time I used impact to generate MCS from BIT, but it is too complex, I think too many step is useless. I need a command line tool to convert format:)

So I decided to analyze difference between BIT and MCS. And found that MCS is just remove some header from BIT. PROM MCS need to reverse bit order, and SPI MCS is normal.

And BIT file is store in big-endian.

Let’s take a look…

Normal BIT file:


And PROM MCS file:


Final is SPI MCS file:


You can find out

0xAA = 8’b1010_1010

0x55 = 8’b0101_0101

0xF7 = 8’b1111_0111

0xEF = 8’b1110_1111

So the difference is bit reverse:)

the sequence 0x65 0x00 0x0b 0x62 0xE4 before data is a tag name and data size, because I found 0x000b62E4 is data size!


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