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最近尝试把fpga从spartan3e-1600转到spartan6-lx16,发觉了一些不同。 xc3s1600e Number of occupied Slices 402 of 14,752(2%) xc6slx16 Number of occupied Slices 164 of 2,278(7%) 貌似这么一看spartan6如果要2%,那么需要有6018个slices,大致对应xc6slx45。也就是spartan6的slices大致是spartan3的一半就同级别。 xc3s250e(2,448)== xc6slx9(1,430) xc3s500e(4,656)== xc6slx16(2,278) xc3s1200e(8,672)== xc6slx25(3,758) xc3s1600e(14,752) == xc6slx45(6,822)

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Create a windows hosts config tool

Using python to to this, load from hosts, then parse using re. then modify, and write back.

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